Sun Feb 25 08:41:42 GMT 2007

toplevel workflow

mainly about program organisation. a program consists of these parts:

1. boot block (first 64 bytes)
2. monitor
3. fixed application code
4. variable application code

a project is a directory. 2. should be made as standard as possible,
and i really shouldn't care about the size, since that only matters
for code protection. 3. should, if possible, stay on the target too
(mark). 4. should have a 'scratch' character.

empty = erase till previous 'mark', but no further than monitor code.
-> replace dictionary with saved dictionary
-> round 'here' up to the next 64 block
-> erase from there

also, the reset vector should jump to #x40

and i need to find a way to update the monitor code on the fly.
-> either copy the monitor as a whole (since it's place-independent)
-> copy a minimal copy routine.
as good as DONE

reloading core with minimal effect on state = 'core'

setting interrupt vectors : should save 'here' etc.. -> interesting,
since it really involves a run-time assembler stack. maybe it does
make sense to de-scheme the assembler..