Mon Feb 19 09:30:44 GMT 2007


some remarks.
bin needed?
probably not.. just keeping the assembler and generating assembly on
the fly is probably best.

the basic editing step is:
- switch to compile mode, enter/load forth code
- switch to interpret mode -> code is uploaded

cat should only be for debugging

ok, so

CPA = forth compile mode. this is to edit the asm buffer using forth
commands. the asm buffer is stored in the 'asm file. in CPA mode it is
possible to test the assembly by issuing 'pb'. however, this doesn't
use the stored dictionary.. need to fix that.

ok, what i have now are 2 modes, switched using ctrl-D

* compile mode = compiled forth semantics ONLY
  not even special escape codes for printing asm etc

* interpret mode = simulated target console. target is seen as what it
  actually is + some interface to a server. the language used is forth
  lexed, but piggybacks on cat words.

looks like it's working fine this way. let's keep it.