Sat Feb 17 11:33:49 GMT 2007

literal opti

instead of making pe operate on DUP MOVLW, let's make it work on MOVLW
only, so the extra SAVE is not necessary.

hmm.. i'm going in loops. the thing is that i'm using the literals in
the asm buffers really as compile time stack. simply making the
partial evaluation respect 'save' would enable to keep that
paradigm. otherwize the DUP in front of MOVLW (DUP MOVLW) needs to be
handled explicitly every time. this then needs to be handled by a
recombining DROP operation, which is really no different from handling
SAVE properly...

so back to the original solution.

to keep everything as pattern matching macros, i could also run an
explicit recombination after the literal operations.. quick and dirty.

wait a minute.

i can just dump code in the asm buffer, and add a bit to the pattern
macro to check for this, and execute it. then the only problem is:
quoted code or primitives? probably primtives are best, since they are
already packed into one item, and don't need 'run'.

ok. that seems to work just fine :)