Sat Feb 10 09:34:48 GMT 2007

asm/dasm cleanup

fix the multiple instruction problem: it's probably easier and
cleaner to have one symbolic instruction correspond to exactly
one binary word. all the targets i have in mind are
risc-like. multiword instructions are then handled as multiword

once this is done, the asm and dasm pack/unpack could be combined
into one single 'interpreter'.

ok. maybe it's best to stop here. it's not 'perfectly clean' but
i guess what's left of dirtyness can easily be cleaned up when i
encounter another instruction set that's not compatible with this

another thing i need to consider, or at least need a 'reason for
ignorance' for, is: "why am i not generating pic assembly
code?". the reasons are 1. full control, 2. have dasm available
in core for debug. 3. easier incremental assembly & linking.

adding support for text .asm output is rather trivial.


next: branches

the two passes, fairly simple.
1. backward branches can be immediately resolved.
2. forward branches need to be postponed.

this is a combination of the directives 'relative' 'absolute' and 'delay'