Sun May 20 09:38:49 EDT 2012


Things have been a bit rough lately.  I'm getting demotivated by my
lack of success in getting the PIC18F2550 USB to work.

Personal motivation issues set aside, the bottom line is that the USB
interface is a limiting factor in making Staapl useful for some
gadgets I'm thinking of building (and selling).  Without USB there is
basically no product, and I'm too proud to use the Microchip firmware
for this.

This continuing lack of success has also become somewhat of a crusade.
I started out Staapl as a tool for debugging.  I find it a bit ironic
that the problem I'm facing is a debugging problem.  So that's where
my current focus will be: make the USB problem as visible as possible.

EDIT: USB is moving forward, and focus on debugging is becoming more