Wed Jul 15 14:04:59 CEST 2009

Connecting with current engineering practices

Staapl is a tool chain based on metaprogramming, which attempts to
provide the means to find an equilibrium between manual low-level
software development and representation of application structure in
the form of domain-specific abstractions.

                    Application specific compiler

   High level description   ------------->   Base language

The broader goal is to bring old and new techniques from Lisp / Scheme
macro systems and multi-stage programming to practical application in
a world that is dominated by the C programming language.

The concrete problem which needs to be solved is to make the bridge
from Staapl's current incubation form to a programming environment
based on C, and to figure out ways to teach the basic principles of
partial evaluation and metaprogramming to engineers in the field.

I'm concentrating those efforts in two separate logs/projects.
The meta[1] logs are about dynamic/static metaprogramming mostly aimed
at C code generation.  The libprim[2] project is about writing a
top-level dynamic language core to serve as application core or
debugging/testing framework.

[1] entry://../meta
[2] entry://../libprim