Wed Aug 13 17:11:34 CEST 2008

Programmer bootstrap, Staapler and PicKit2

Byron Jeff gives some good arguments here that a zero-cost bootstrap
is not really possible anymore with contemporary hardware:


Jean-Daniel Nicoud mentions in the same thread that:

   It is not worth to loose time with serial or parallel programmers.
   I like the Pickit2 USB programmer, cheap and it can be used as an
   UART-USB interface when it has finished its work of programming
   your Hex file. It encouraged me to develop a set of boards that
   makes both learning and development more easy. Have a look to
   http://www.didel.com/ It's brand new, so I put the links on the top
   of the page.

From the PICkit 2 Interface guide Kit
PICkit2SourceGuidePCv2-52FWv2-32.pdf available in

   5.1.2    UART Mode

     UART Mode allows the PICkit 2 to be used as a simple UART.
     ICSPCLK = TX (data transmitted from the PICkit 2)
     ICSPDAT = RX (data received from target UART)

     Signal levels are inverted (ie Start Bit = GND) logic level
     signals between GND and VDD.

It would be interesting to try to use this instead of writing
Staapler, or let Staapler be the interface to networked programming on
top of a PicKit host connection