Thu Jul 24 11:35:47 CEST 2008

Staapl 0.5 release notes

The Staapl project has come to a point where it is ready for public


Staapl is a collection of abstractions for (meta)programming
microcontrollers from within PLT Scheme. The core of the system is a
programmable code generator structured around a functional
concatenative macro language. On top of this it includes a syntax
frontend for creating Forth-style languages, a backend code generator
for Microchip's PIC18 microcontroller architecture, and interaction
tools for shortening the edit-compile-test cycle.

This is the completion of the phase I goal: to build a practical,
well-factored, easily extensible base system upon which to build phase
II: experiments with domain specific languages for DSP and embedded

From this point I will continue fixing bugs and polishing
documententation. An overview can be found here:


The PIC18 Forth dialect is documented in the following papers:


The interactive aspect is documented here:


Staapl is available on PLaneT as zwizwa/staapl. To install and compile
the test application:

  mzscheme -p zwizwa/staapl/examples/build-synth