Tue Apr 1 21:59:20 EDT 2014

2013 taxes - what did we learn?

- mysql workbench is a nice tool for low-level editing

- for most things though, you want a custom editor:
  i made a "row connect" tool using python pyside qt sql tableview

- didn't figure out how to make html table forms using racket.  harder
  than it seems..

- don't edit generated / converted data.  it's still a pain, but much
  better to put manual entries in a separate table and join it into a

- when making complex projections, also check complements as:
  select * from tab where key not in (select key from tab_proj);

- writing reports is a pain: take some time for it!

- still didn't figure out a good way to print a simple table to a pdf
  document.  main problem seems to be setting the column widths when
  using wrap-around text.  should be easy to compute by allowing a
  "max lines" wraparound.