Mon Mar 31 09:20:59 EDT 2014

Editable views

Mysql supports editable views.  Does this work together with mysql

Goal is to create a mapping table.  Create a 2-column table and fill
the primary keys from another table.  The simplest way to do this
seems to be to just copy a table?

INSERT admin.balance SELECT id,NULL FROM admin.flow;

Then create an editable view:

select expense_id, trans_id from admin.flow left join admin.balance on admin.flow.id = admin.balance.trans_id;

Hmmm... Mysql workbench doesn't let me edit the view.

I think the editable (edible?) views idea is a good one, so how to
bring it to completion?

What I really want is:
- flow table + extra field
- drop box that gives a selection of possible matches