Sat Mar 3 13:14:27 EST 2012

MySQL regexp replace or just regexp match

It seems that I need access to regexp replace, but on second thought
there isn't really any "real" datamining going on (no processing on
the data embedded *inside* a REFERRER or a REQUEST field: the embedded
data just serves as input to predicate functions used for selecting
and grouping.  This seems like a very important point.

It seems plausible to think that this is the reason why MySQL has
matching but not replacing: don't store what can be computed.

Some useful views:

 - google searches
 - specific blog page hits

Though... I have some trouble with things like this:

GET /blog/?p=1089&cpage=1 HTTP/1.0
GET /blog/?p=1089 HTTP/1.0
GET /blog/?p=1089 HTTP/1.1

How to project them down to one representative?

Maybe it's a good idea to parse the REQ and REF fields a bit more.

Looks like I do need a regexp/replace function, but probably can do
without saving tables (i.e. keeping just views).