Fri Nov 11 10:46:48 EST 2011

The SQL notes

I'm starting these notes as a SQL/DB beginner. 

I was never interested in databases or SQL until I read a chapter in
CTM[1] a couple of years ago.  There the relational model of
programming is developed in a way that is closer linked to declarative
& logic programming, a connection I never saw before but which caught
my attention, being interested in language design, interpreters,
compilers, ...

Recently I re-read that chapter in [1] when a practical need has come
up to write reports for a couple of years of Apache log files.  At
first, I attempted to write an ad-hoc database query engine in Scheme
(Racket) but soon realized that what I wanted to do was perfectly
possible in SQL.  Hence the Scheme part is limited to a parser that
translates a collection of log files to an .sql file that can be fed
into MySQL to produce a DB schema.

From there on the idea is to get to know SQL, to see what's possible
and what's reasonably (fast) and possibly move back to Racket bindings
for the reporting layer.

[1] http://www.info.ucl.ac.be/~pvr/book.html
[2] entry://../plt