Tue Jan 5 17:17:49 CET 2016

Projective view of a circuit node

A dual representation of a circuit node has coordinates:
  - V : voltage of the node (wrt to ground)
  - I : current imbalance

Either of the two dual views will see this either in terms of
- voltage sources: setting the voltage, absorbing the current
- current sources: setting the current, absorbing the voltage

Is there a way to look projectively at a source?  Instead of picking a
view, is there a way to keep the symmetry and look at it as an entitiy
in itself?

Again, it is not about the V,I but about the conductivity/resistance.

One thing though: most circuits are 2/3 terminals.  These have
inverses that are easier to express, e.g. to maintain a dual
representation.  Can this be used at all?  It seems a lot of structure
is lost when using full matrices.  Circuit matrices are fairly sparse.

Actually that's not relevant: sparsity is related to number of
connections to a single node, not the properties of edges.