Tue Jan 5 16:39:00 CET 2016

Circuit: simulation and impedance tuning

I'd like to approach circuit design as a programming problem.  Meaning:

- Formalize circuit capture in a data structure (initial) or program (final).

- Perform DC / AC analysis

- Find a way to tune for impedance

First step is to compute the conductivity matrix, as is used in SPICE.
Compute it as code, to perform simulation through automatic


- Why does spice use constant current source, conductivity matrix,
  node voltages as unknown, instead of the dual?

- Does it really matter?  Does it make sense to use a representation
  that has both primal and dual representations?

What is a circuit?  It is related to a nonlinear manifold.  Its affine
approximation is either:

  - conductivity matrix + constant current sources
  - resistance matrix   + constant voltage sources

Until it is clear what the reason is to pick one of these, work with
the dual representation.  Is there a mathematical object that uses
this?  Projective geometry?