Tue Oct 21 11:04:44 EDT 2014

Circuit simulation

Been thinking about impedance and circuits.  Some conclusions:

- It's possible to move nonlinearities into the temporal domain as
  long as they are smooth enough.  I.e. a diode becomes (d = unit delay):

  I[k]/I_s = e(V[k-1]/V_T) {1 + (V[k]-V[k-1])/V_T}
  I.e. the nonlinear relation is past->now, not now<->now.

- For circuits, nonlinearity is essential (cannot be decoupled).
  I.e. we need to keep that matrix and solve it.

Open questions:

- In what form should equations be specified?

- How to translate equations into matrix form, i.e. separate variables
  from coefficients and linearize nonlinear components.

- Should voltages be floating or is a common ground assumed? -> NO

Start with abstraction! Equations should be specified as n-ports.  A
system that is solvable is a 0-port.  E.g. system of interest + input