Wed Aug 19 11:23:49 EDT 2020

Events vs. Conditions

Let's try again.

- Conditions are more fundamental.  It is easy to represent events as
  conditions, but the other way around seems to need the idea of

- Conditions map better to dedicated sequential hardware: polling is a
  natural operations.  Events need to be implemented on top of polling

- The main advantage of events seems to be that it allows a
  time-sharing implementation and more efficient emulation and
  mathematical manipulation.

- This smells like FRP, but in my mind I have sequential processes
  waiting on conditions, not just computing functions from inputs.

Assume that derivation will produce events from conditions.  How does
this work in practice?  Maybe find some examples.

And second: FRP might be what I am actually looking for, if I can map
time series to time series, instead of time instance to time instance.