Thu Jan 2 15:27:32 CET 2020

How to make improve software?

1. Use less software: stop tolerating broken shit.  Reduce stack, swap
   things out.

2. Use better a development methodology

Practically, what does this look like?  Create a "staging" system
based on current available tech: PCs, linux, and programming

What can I do?  First, get own shit under control

- Security border:

  1. internet software is Debian with frequent updates.

  2. internal software only does updates when required for "app".  the
     app is exo: integration layer for everything i use

- Development tools:

  Bootstrap a new system on top of the old one Linux.  Use tools wisely:
  - Erlang for system-wide network management
  - Rust / Haskell / OCaml for modules.
  - C for glue only when necessary

- Embedded:

  Step 1: Keep Linux out of embedded.

  Step 2: Focus on state machines

- PC:

  Use only decent hardware.  And use a small OS that supports it and
  can run the standard C stack.