Mon Nov 4 11:01:32 EST 2019

What does a leaf node do?

It manages a phsyical or otherwise location-bound resource.  E.g.

- a machine that performs time-critical functions,

- interactionss with the physical word through sensing and actuation,

- management of cache and configuration data to perform those tasks.

So cache and configuration is secondary but often is the bulk of the
work.  The information needed usually comes from upstream

So the core problem is decentralization: move responsibilitites
elswehere and perform a reduction in bandwidth to the central system.

Essentially, reduce communication cost by abtracting time scales.


Corollary: if there is no local feedback loop, the leaf node is just a
translator of sensor or actuation data, and needs no intelligence
other than implementing communication protocols.

( I mean, these things are kind of obvious and usually implicitly
assumed.  This is an attempt to get out of the box by making
trade-offs explicit. )