Fri Oct 18 07:15:43 EDT 2019

Get rid of the operating system

Now, this is just a rant, obviously.

But it has been brought to my attention again that special purpose uC
programs are really neat.  A bit harder to debug due to the low level,
but the overall system complexity is low, so you can actually end up
with working code that never needs to be touched again.

Of course the same goes for isolated pure software components part of
a larger system.

So what am I really saying?  Simple is good.

Doing Linux development often pulls you into a corner where things are
no longer simple.

So how to solve this?

I think I still want to build a Linux+Rust+Erlang system, without
shell or the usual programs.

The question is then: on what substrate?
That integrated atmel chip looks promising.

But also just some PCs might be good enough to get things going.

Anyway, what this is really about is that I want to find my niche.
I've discovered the bare-bones "routed state machine" uC architecture
which works really well.

So simple is important, but even more important is the ability to work
incrementally, and to keep all behavior visible, making it debuggable
and allowing for redundancy to be employed (i.e. use executable spec
to observe and validate).