Tue Jul 30 12:06:04 EDT 2019

So why is integration hard?

Heterogeneity.  There are basically no standards, or just misaligned
standards, which causes a lot of duplication of effort.

That's really the only problem with computing: it's too anarchic.  No
central authority to manage all these programmers being smart.

EDIT: It should not be economically viable to make crappy software, or
software that is not "rebased" on a common substrate.

It's reasonable to expect that when a systenm is mostly working,
you'll only be faced with places where there are leaky abstractions,
rough edges, small inconsistencies in representation.  And those
really suck, because are often impossible to fix because they require
mountains to shift..

EDIT: Bad integration is the worst.  It is worth giving up
conveniences for at the lower levels.  Don't do anything special,