Sun Jun 9 07:52:03 EDT 2019



"What engineers actually estimate is the size of the technical
foundation building block that makes a feature possible, which is
often/always shared among other features at that scale. It is very
difficult — and doesn’t really make sense — to try and work out
exactly how much of the work going into such a building block will be
apportioned to individual features."

"The sad ultimate truth is that it takes as long as it takes, and
sometimes the only way to find out how long that is is to actually do
it. MCEs hate this, because they value predictability over almost all
else; thus, they nearly always, on some level, treat estimates as
commitments. This is the most disastrous mistake yet because it
incentivizes developers to lie to them, in the form of padding their
estimates — which in turn inevitably slows down progress far more than
a few erroneous task estimates might."