Thu May 23 09:12:31 EDT 2019

Haskell for Embedded Software Engineers

( I'd like to write a piece aimed at Embedded people.  I think I'm
scaring them with the Haskell talk.  I'm not doing too well explaining
why it is useful either. )

Yes. I know C.

So why am I so keen on using Haskell to write custom code generators
and code analysis tools?

There are already many tools available, but they are all expensive and
big.  There are not really any tools for the small people.

So the answer is: there are actually already open source tools: they
are called programming languages.

Pick a language that is good at manipulating syntax, i.e. a functional
language, and in the set of functional language, pick the one with the
most promise: Haskell is pure, lazy, has a powerful type system, and
has a good ecosystem.