Wed Apr 24 11:16:13 EDT 2019

Infrastructure vs. functionality

Things have improved for me since I've been splitting up these two
components.  Infrastructure is the "glue" that connects the things
that actually do something.

There is quite a bit of work involved in bringing up infrastructure,
and more so if it needs to be simple and consistent, while working
with existing real-world constraints (i.e. somewhat broken base

If adding a bit of functionality is not trivial, the problem is
infrastructure and needs to be fixed from that perspective.

Early this year I had a month to work on this, and I've increased
granularity of reloads/restarts.  This has an incredible effect on
freeing mental space while adding functionality.

This is all done in the context of "the application" or "the
framework".  There is only one of those, and it is where composition
stops and some global assumptions are made.  Therefore it needs to be
wide.  It contains "all I would want to do with computers while being
able to modify its behavior".