Wed Apr 3 09:51:51 EDT 2019

Messy data

The only trick there is, is to modularize.

I've just not worked with problems that are hard to modularize.
Basically, this means, I've not worked a lot with messy data.

The key insight is that sometimes, flat is better.  If it is not
possible to structurize something, use a flat representation, and
solve the ad-hoc part in a large collection of "queries".

Another example of this is graphics and UI rendering: a lot of context
information needs to be synthesized in ad hoc way.  It makes more
sense to pass the whole thing to every element (an environment), and
make local decisions on what information is necessary (queries).

The real lesson here is that as long as there is structure, it makes
sense to "push it through" as far as possible.  If there is none,
don't bother imposing any.  Use ad-hoc projections instead.

How to call this?

Object hierarchy vs. bulk store.