Sat Dec 8 16:07:45 EST 2018

Abstracting guis.

Working on the Erlang web gui toolkit I come to the conclusion that it
is ok to stick to the lower levels, i.e. render HTML directly, and use
ad-hoc rendering functions to try to recover some reuse.

When it comes down to rendering the initial page and the update, often
a lot of reuse is possible.  Do the same there: ad-hoc re-use based on
functions, locally defined.

Trying to tuck this all away into objects makes it really difficult to
see what is going on.  The web is a mess, and it seems best not to
layer too much crap on top of it because debugability is the most
important property!

Summary: ws.erl and ws_widgets.erl solve the following problems:
- data representation
- communication
- web app startup