Mon Oct 1 02:50:46 CEST 2018



I don't like the arrogance of this guy, the wandering side stories,
and some of his points I really don't agree with, but..

At around 30min, MVC is mentioned to originally be very granular:
i.e. a button.

Also, MVP, presented :)

But near the end, point gets good: defer decisions, use plugin model.

Maybe time to disambiguate all

my current understanding:

MVC : view talks to model
MVP : presenter sits between model and "dumb" view
MVVM : MVP with a viewmodel


- get rid of fat controller
- make "middle man" dumb (a bus, router)
- MVP: MVC with thin controller

EDIT: So to be honest, it still doesn't really make a lot of sense to
me.  I can build architectures that have elements of these, and then
identify some of the problem spots.  But these all look like rough
guideines and "squint patterns" to me.

Here are some graphs: