Sat Sep 15 12:35:02 EDT 2018

glue noise floor, implicit properties

The other real problem is the lack of incremental and coherent program
construction.  There are too many duplicated interfaces.

So how to fix this?  The problem here is greed: we want powerful,
useful systems, and therefore we put up with "glue", tying together
things from different parts.

Now, wrt these microctontrollers: often, they just need to do
something very specific tied to one of the peripherals, so register
access is important.

I can mill over this, but there doesn't seem to be any shortcut:
things are just complicated, and in all practical situations, the
least complicated solution is going to have a combination of "glue
noise floor" and "implicit properties", i.e. the difference between
what the machine is instructed to do, and what it eventually
accomplishes at the macro level.