Sat Apr 7 11:01:41 EDT 2018

Normal forms

In distributed systems, the "multipath" problem can be really tough to
get under control.  It is therefore imperative to have a normal form.

Multipath here refers to commutation of functions, as happens with e.g. 

- file storage + code execution:

  - run code locally, access files remotely
  - run code remotely, with local file access

- software development of shared libraries:

  libraries need hosting, so there should be a single, canonical host
  to perform development, preferribly one that has "everything" that
  is ever used together.  i.e. the "main system".

  - develop on main system, then push to subsystems

  - develop on subsystems, then push to other subsystems

  basically, when things get big, develop on the monolith.  make sure
  you have a "main system" that contains everything you would need to