Wed Jan 3 21:36:39 EST 2018

Starting over

Re-scared by this intel thing and all the recent security bugs.
Things are getting too complicated.

So, what about trying to start over again?  Re-embedding all the
things I use computers for?  Use a decent language, a decent platform?
Something that is simple such that it can work on simple machines
(towards RISC-V).


1. the language, needs to be changable
2. the base hardware abstraction

What about going to OCaml this time?  Simpler, and solves the real
problem: types for the aging brain.

I'd also expect it to be easier to cross-compile.


Maybe instead of Haskell+Erlang, try Ocaml+Erlang.

The problem I have with Haskell is that it is a time sink of type magic.

EDIT: But what should such a system do?  What do I use computers for?
- Reading and writing email, documents, code
- Keeping an archive

From that perspective there is really no hope.  Libraries need a
substrate (OS), and substrates need powerful hardware.