Wed Nov 22 10:47:03 EST 2017

Eventual consistency / single writer

Might be useful to understand the principle, so computer admin can be
done in this way.

My intuition so far for the problem I'm facing:

There is a central list of edits.  Each node needs to play back the
edits when it comes back online after "missing time" somehow -- can be
benign: laptop powering down, or just no internet connection.

This is simple because there is only a single writer.

Implement it first for /etc/net and ~tom/pool

It could be implemented as a git or darcs repo, or even a nix channel.
Something that will fetch current head from master and instantiate it.

Make it push/pull:
- sync after lost time
- subscribe to notifications

A downside to this is that bad edits that bring down a node will
spread, so maybe keep it manual for now?