Software Architecture / Engineering

Notes about the practical side of building software and getting it to
where it needs to be.  This is a counterpart to more technical issues
which are handled in the comsci notes[1].

[1] entry://../compsci/

20170727 I no longer think binary logs are a good idea
20170724 How to manage a software project
Server or Procedure?
Which language to use?
20170720 Run .NET languages on linux?
20170719 Many small functions hurt readability
20170714 Caches
embracing events and distributed caches
20170707 privileged-ports-are-causing-climate-change
20170618 Flux, tree-diff
20170608 Orient vs. tree-diff
Gui: two approaches
20170607 View splitting
20170606 GUI: Event propagation graphs
20170605 User interfaces
20170510 Question-oriented programming
20170506 State and restarts, compilation caches
20170421 Register configuration language
20170411 Writing embedded software
NASA coding
20170409 Shell programming
20170404 The Debugging Mindset
20170325 When to use OO?
20170305 Exponential sensitivity
20170222 Structure is what is important
20170220 Distributed computing
20170217 Centralize code
20170216 The kind of unknown
20170213 Implementing protocols
20170209 Conflicts
20170204 Eliminate accidental complexity
20170117 Kinds of errors
20170116 Creating context
20170103 video tearing, the poster child of bad abstractions
20161230 programmer psychology
20161229 subdivide
20161228 what is a good protocol?
20161223 genius consultant
20161209 The real problem with software engineering
20161207 protocols
20161127 Engineering problems
20160905 Accidental Complexity - Fine Grained Redundancy
20160515 unikernels
20160316 Why are code examples so important?
20160309 Feature change, a 3-step process
20160223 Static Erlang
20160213 Joe Armstrong on OSC and music
20151006 It's called hardware because it makes everything hard
20151003 Stack ripping
20150923 Debugging - thinking
20131216 A Great Old-Timey Game-Programming Hack
20130128 Clean it up when it becomes a library
20111231 Branching in Darcs / Git
20111220 Testing a stateful monster
20111217 State machines are hard
20111128 Darcs Emacs
20111125 Robustness
Writing stateful code
20111024 On doing things differently
20110509 Abstraction isn't always the solution
20110424 Robustness : external mutators
Robust filesystem
20100321 What did I learn this time?
20100301 Architecture document
Coding The Architecture