Fri May 1 18:40:39 CEST 2009

the socket

let's see.

starting snot from the command line gives:

tom@zzz:~/snot$ mzscheme snot-load.ss
(snot-display "Loading ")
(snot-display "/home/tom/.snotrc")
(snot-display "\n")
(snot-display "toplevel ")
(snot-display "/home/tom/")
(snot-display "\n")

Now, (see snot-emacs-channel.el) to interact with it you send a
command like:

(eval (display 123))

Which returns:

(snot-display "123")

The main evaluator for snot is:

Let's start with setting up a listener on the unix socket /tmp/snot

Now.. How does the emacs side work?  I tried this before using
emacsclient to send atomic messages.  Why didn't this work?

Apparently it had trouble with large messages.

What about using temp files as reply mechanism?  This could use
'load-file' for evaluation.