Thu Mar 26 10:46:40 CET 2009

module language

I'm starting to appreciate DrScheme's "run" button.  Let's wakeup that
behaviour in snot.

UNKNOWN::0: read: #lang expressions not currently enabled

 === context ===
/home/tom/snot/box.ss:135:2: box-read

(read-accept-reader #t)

Ok, so I added this in box-read, but then it fails:

extract-required: bad language spec: 
  (module page scheme/base
        (require net/url)
          (url str)
          (define url
            (string->url str))
          (set-url-scheme! url "http")

The module name needs to come from the filename..  This can be done by
setting the filename of the stream passed to read.  Can we fix this
with read-syntax?

Fixed with make-module-evaluator.