Fri Jul 4 16:09:58 CEST 2008


The simplest thing to do is to make sure emacs side only needs to do
'eval' on all s-expressions that come in. Currently however, there is
a difference between the way emacs->scheme RPC and scheme->emacs ASYNC
messages are handled. First one does proper unquoting, second one

( This code is a complete mess, and I need to have a proper protocol,
probably best Scheme forms with quote/unquote. )
This is the emacs code that needs to be evaluated:

(snot-display (snot-unserialize (quote (unquote (string 1 2 3)))))

I think i start to see the problem: one would like to keep emacs's
quoting facility, but at the same time, in paralle, be able to add
data converters in the s-expressions. This requires a SEPARATE quoting
mechanism, because otherwise it would interfere with nested

So, the scheme->emacs channel has

    * a scheme side driver which inserts 'snot-construct' atoms
    * a emacs side receiver which unpacks these before eval is called