Fri Jul 4 12:56:19 CEST 2008

displaying images

There are two problems I'd like to solve: displaying bitmap images and
Gnuplot output. The easiest way seems to be to add some kind of
data structure like:

(snot-image <w> <h> <c> <bytes>) to move images between snot and emacs.

In emacs, the simplest way to create and display an image is:

(insert-image (create-image "P5\n3 3\n255\nzzzzzzzzz" 'pbm t))

The problem is: all output is printed verbatim, so what is needed is
some kind of escape sequence there.

Maybe I should forget displaying images inline for now: there's an
interaction with the output filter I don't understand. Inserting
images @ current position is no problem. Let's extend snot with a
'video' port, something that accepts image data.

One problem though: how to get the image out of the sandbox, into the
upper atmosphere?

Ok, this doesn't seem so difficult: just add a box command that will
fetch a variable name, or evaluate an expression that displays an

The real problem atm is getting the damn binary data into emacs.

Looks like it works now: quoting is fixed, looks like i can send image
data. It's just terribly unefficient. Maybe just use "tail -f" in
image mode?