Sat May 31 17:05:18 CEST 2008


so.. let's stick with asynchronous messages, and proper channels.

the unix socket approach might be nice, but is not portable. maybe i
should follow the PLT approach and forget about that, and concentrate
on TCP + some other form of authentication.

this brings us to SSL/TLS. is there native support for PLT here?
yes: (require openssl)

it would really be more interesting to use ssh instead, since that is
usually already in place. that's why unix sockets are interesting: use
ssh + socat to connect to a user managed pipe.

anyways, let's try to get ssl running.

with the example it works.. that gives encryption, but no

ok.. what about just ignoring this crap and going for a very simple
ipc mechanism that starts a listener given an input port.