Thu Feb 21 18:45:32 CET 2008

moving to plt v4

a lot of things changed in plt 4 that obsolete some of the things used
in snot. it looks like the 'enter!' macro will completely obsolete the
'box' approach. or not.. the thing with enter! is that it gets rid of
the toplevel namespace that snot uses to interact with modules.

(enter! <x>) -> (do-enter! '<x>)
it's defined in scheme/enter.ss

to go to a single scheme repl instead of 2, it might be interesting to
have 'box' use escape commands.

two things not to confuse:
  enter! merely uses namespaces, while sandbox uses custodians and
  more separation.

apparently, enter! can easily be used inside a sandbox. just (require
scheme/enter) after creating the evaluator.

for reference, eli barzilay's debug tricks: