Wed Feb 12 08:08:59 EST 2020

CSP inside an Erlang process?

So, going from composing machine functions into a single process, what
about running a CSP inside Erlang as a scheduler for such state

This would be a nice playground.

Main benefit is that it is contained in a single process and would be
easier to manage and compose.

CSP maps a collection of state machines to a state machine.

Same for reactive networks btw.

Maybe redo.erl can be abstracted like that as well?  Possible to run
inside a single process, or to be forked off into separate workers for


Erlang would be a good testing ground for building synchronous state
machines (each process has its own CSP scheduler), linked together
over communication links.

It's also a good compiler target to try out the closure compiler first
in a simpler setting.

So how to express rendez-vous like that?  Inputs are straightforward.
Outputs are too, actually.  Looks like it is just defining select.

Anyways. Might be best to go on top of Erlang processes anyway...  The
single-threaded thing is really a special case.