Thu Dec 12 13:07:47 EST 2013

cc32rs512 qemu merge (again)

I experienced some trouble with the 2012-03-03 qemu, so I'm merging it
with current mainline.

( Some build errors in the previous merge.  Trying again with a clear head. )

Step 1: merge just the files into the tree, discarding makefile
changes.  See if it builds.

Doesn't : 
util/oslib-posix.c: In function ‘qemu_anon_ram_alloc’:
util/oslib-posix.c:128:5: error: implicit declaration of function ‘trace_qemu_anon_ram_alloc’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
     trace_qemu_anon_ram_alloc(size, ptr);

Same error as before.  I did build this with minimal options, so let's
try that again.  EDIT: After manual cleaning of .o and .a files it worked.