Tue Oct 29 18:59:33 EDT 2013

Rewinding to master

Not all of the CCID errors make any sense.  Probably best to remove
some of the pcsc bugs first.  I.e. this one:


Here's a CCID emulator:


So either fix the pcsc bug, or implement the datarates call.
For the USB control call:
- find the datarates message type
- find out how to send a reply: USBD_Write()

Using a dummy u32 = 0 write it gets a bit further:
00008859 ccid_usb.c:1032:get_data_rates() declared: 0 bps

After that it fails with the earlier error:
00016780 ifdwrapper.c:348:IFDStatusICC() Card not transacted: 612

Next: try to add this to the apdu_phone branch.