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Supply voltage

6.2.1 Supply voltage classes

The supply voltage class shall be indicated in the ATR by the UICC (TAi, i > 2).

Table 6.1: Supply voltage classes indicated in ATR

Symbol Minimum Maximum Unit Class Encoding (Binary)
Vcc    4,5     5,5     V    A     xx xxx1
Vcc    2,7     3,3     V    B     xx xx1x
Vcc    1,62    1,98    V    C     xx x1xx
Vcc    RFU     RFU     V    D     xx 1xxx
Vcc    RFU     RFU     V    E     x1 xxxx


Class A, B and C values are according to ISO/IEC 7816-3 [11]. Class D
is a further evolution of values specified in ISO/IEC 7816-3 [11]. It
is possible to support a range of classes. The support shall be
consecutive e.g. AB, BC. A combination like AC is not allowed.

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[2] http://smartcard-atr.appspot.com/parse?ATR=3BDA18FF81B1FE751F030031C573C001400090000C