Tue Aug 6 11:24:09 EDT 2013

Trouble with other sim cards

SIM works, but the 2 USIM cards I have give trouble.

Things go wrong here:

-W- R-APDU data size incorrect size:2 != r_apdu_size:258

Some questions:
- What is CLA=0x80?
- Why is 0x00 not 0x100 here?

It seems 0x80 is proprietary.  Why does it do that?

Anyways.  It seems this apdu is a standard status command, and the
reply is standard too.  0x00 means 0 bytes, not 0x100.

Why does the phone reset the card?
It queries the ICCID, then asks STATUS and turns it off.

Maybe STATUS should report something else?
I.e. that it was reset?

Forcing SIM protocol seems to work, i.e. no resets, but still doesn't
connect through to network.

Forcing SIM protocol on AT&T card, phone sends terminal profile, and
then it stops dead:


Need to change the API a bit so parameters are easier to verify.
- reset
- power cycle wait