Thu Jul 25 10:24:43 EDT 2013


Minimal slave-side functionality is there.  Next: how to tie it to PC
over USB?  There is currently no good solution.

- ccid extension: PC_to_RDR_Escape / RDR_to_PC_Escape
- embed in apdu request/response
- control requests

The CCID escape solution needs host-side driver extension.  Embedding
in APDU only works if there is a card in the slot, and it has the
wrong symmetry, i.e. it would need polling from the host side.
Control requests are a bit of a mystery to me.  Also, they seem to be
host-oriented, so would probably require polling.

Maybe it's best to start with a proprietary interface, from scratch,
and see where it goes.  Eliminate the system unknowns first,
i.e. at91lib USB code + host side libusb code.

The CCID doesn't work with my current SIMtrace, so until the other
arrives, let's just use a CDC interface.