Mon Jul 8 12:56:39 EDT 2013

Preliminary exploration

Goal: make a PC <-> phone interface to allow emulation of card on PC.

Eventually this should use the SIMtrace board:
The SIMtrace is based on an Atmel AT91SAM7S64

Until the SIMtrace arrives I only have a SAM7S256 atmel dev board.
Should be enough to get some software going.  These are the same
family, so pinouts are the same.

Properties of the SIMtrace to keep in mind:

- I/O = TDX1/RXD1 (PA22/PA21)
- CLK = SCK1      (PA23)
- RST = RTS1      (PA24)
- VCC = CTS1      (PA25)

# cd SIM/tools/sam7
# gdb ../openpcd/firmware/dfu.elf
(gdb) connect
(gdb) load

Things to know:

* the .elf files don't have proper LMA addresses.  Flashing from GDB (e.g. using Segger) needs offset:
  load dfu.elf 0
  load main_simtrace.elf 0x4000

* the bootloader does chip setup: can't start the app straight from 0x4000