Mon Apr 20 18:23:34 EDT 2020

Async embedded

How to get started on aligning ideas with Frank?
Maybe start by asking questions.

EDIT: Also asked on irc (why don't you try it) and ran into ferrous systems stuff:

tom@panda:~/git/async-on-embedded$ git log |grep Author
Author: Florian Gilcher <florian.gilcher@ferrous-systems.com>
Author: Martin Kröning <mkroening@posteo.net>
Author: Jorge Aparicio <jorge.aparicio@ferrous-systems.com>
Author: Vadim Kaushan <admin@disasm.info>

The first question I have is why am I seeing mutexes?  That is a
smell. Async should be free of shit like that so where does it come

19:06 < doelie> Hi. If I want to get into no_std async, what should I try first? embrio? anything else?
19:08 < doelie> or https://github.com/ferrous-systems/async-on-embedded ?
19:09 < doelie> It's just for expirmentation now, but I want to pick something that will evolve into something stable in the future.
19:19 < doelie> I guess the subtext is: is it dumb to start writing my own special purpose executor?
19:19 < agg> i think at this stage you might as well go for it!
19:20 < agg> if nothing else it will probably be interesting and might put you in a good position to help guide future work too
19:20 < agg> I don't think there's currently a clear or obvious choice for it on embedded, or at least not that I know of
19:26 < doelie> that's all the encouragement i needed :)
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19:58 < doelie> I can see some room for diversity. I see ferrous sees a need for Mutex in the generic case, while I usually have the inclination to not use those but use
                monitor processes to manage shared resources, which might be too simplistic for the general case.
20:10 < doelie> But it does seem that writing something that pleases everyone is going to take a while...
20:10 < doelie> So a recipe for how to keep it simple in special cases might not be so bad.