Sun Mar 10 14:44:44 EDT 2019

Rust on uC

I want to first do this as an .o that can be linked into an existing C

It seems it will create an .a, wich is fine:


--crate-type=staticlib, #[crate_type = "staticlib"] 

- A static system library will be produced. This is different from
  other library outputs in that the compiler will never attempt to
  link to staticlib outputs. The purpose of this output type is to
  create a static library containing all of the local crate's code
  along with all upstream dependencies. The static library is actually
  a *.a archive on linux and osx and a *.lib file on windows. This
  format is recommended for use in situations such as linking Rust
  code into an existing non-Rust application because it will not have
  dynamic dependencies on other Rust code.