Fri Apr 20 22:19:47 EDT 2018

Restore lars?

So I have a basic port skeleton for interop with Erlang.
But what I really want, is expect based test driven programming.

It appears I need a higher rank type.

The problem is O in this definition.
How to express that this works for all O?

pub struct Decode<'a,I,S,T:'a,O>
    where for<O> S: Iterator<Item=I>, T: Tick<I,O>
{ s: S, t: &'a mut T,  }

Can I boil this down to some simpler example to see the core of the

Until then, maybe separate out the tick implementations from the

/* The idea here is to take a Tick and combine it with an input stream
 * to produce an output stream. */

Can this be rephrased into "apply"