Tue Feb 24 21:57:05 EST 2015

Build failures

So building a library and it fails.  Probably due to missing dev
packages for the C libs, but how to find out?  Getting obscure things

src/khronos_api/src/lib.rs:4:36: 4:68 error: couldn't read src/khronos_api/api/gl.xml: couldn't open path as file (no such file or directory (No such file or directory); path=src/khronos_api/api/gl.xml; mode=open; access=read)
src/khronos_api/src/lib.rs:4 pub static GL_XML: &'static [u8] = include_bytes!("../api/gl.xml");

Yeah I can't do this while I'm sick and tired..

Start with just reading this source
Straightforward red tape..