Tue Feb 24 01:35:04 EST 2015

Rust OpenGL stuff

Two parts:
- glutin: OpenGL context provider
- glium: OpenGL high level wrapper

Another strain:
- gfx-rs: A high-performance, bindless graphics API
- glfw: glfw3 bindings
- gfx-gl: OpenGL bindings for gfx, based on gl-rs
- gl: OpenGL bindings

It was heavy on the shaders so maybe that's just how OpenGL is these
days?  Let's just suck up the examples.  Start with the explanation
from the author[1].

And the other strain.. which to pick?  I really just want raw OpenGL.
I have C++ widget code already..

My take: this needs to run on an embedded device eventually.  I'm
thinking of an LCD screen as an Eurorack module, or a stand-alone box.

Let's split it in two parts:

- Find an embedded arm board that can host an LCD (touch) screen.  No
  android or apple shit: start from scratch.  This would probably need
  to be OpenGL ES.

- Should not be too hard to develop on PC / regular OpenGL and keep
  portability in mind.

[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/rust_gamedev/comments/2mkbs9/gliums_design_choices/
[2] https://gfx-rs.github.io/2014/07/25/intro.html