Sat Sep 21 23:26:57 EDT 2013

Buffered channels

From here[1] it seems that context switches happen as soon as there is
a write to a waiting reader.  For logic.rs this is too inefficient.
How to implement a Port differently such that we can send larger chunks?

For the logic analyser it might even make sense to encode events in a
differential way.

Is Port a trait? -> NO

Seems though that it should be possible to just abstract the input of
parsers to a trait that allows both ports and state machines.

Probably just the iterator interface?

static trop_len = 1024
trait Trop {
    fn vcer(&self);
impl Trop for Port<u8> {
    fn vcer(&self) { self.recv(); }

[1] https://mail.mozilla.org/pipermail/rust-dev/2013-May/004127.html